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Main Feature by Thomas E. Christopher

E-Book Edition: At Most Fear

E-Book Edition: Epoch-Ellipse

E-Book Edition: D-Evil Flamen

Thomas has written books that involves an inter-dimensional war between realities - and a prodigy scientist who gets drawn into the thick of the fray.

Entrepreneurship Development


There is always some kind of revolution going on within the world of entrepreneurial development.


Management education and training is an important part of any civilization and, whilst many ancient cultures have adopted various methods of practices, the new epoch of management often demands innovative ways to capitalize on the opportunities that are emerging in the modern world.


Specialist Areas Include


       Professional Development

       Personal Development


We publish books that facilitate effective training in these categories - because we envisage a society that embraces the drive toward perfection in all areas of life.

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Entrepreneurship Development

Section Feature - Excellence In Success


Excellence In Success, by Mark Sean Trump, is a step-by-step guide to developing entrepreneurial skills


E-Book Edition: Excellence In Success


The book highlights effective leadership in business growth - including personal and professional development.

Future Science Today


Science fiction and fantasy is a, somewhat, laboured genre within publishing: primarily because the mass market prefers to reminisce in nostalgia or engage in the dynamics of modern settings. That said... there are plenty of enthusiasts who enjoy peering into the future with a vested interest in cultivating a sense of adventure into the unknown.


Setting The Scene


Science Fiction: Future or Science Themed Events

Fantasy Fiction: Other or Extra-Dimensional Worlds

Science Non-Fiction: Science and Technology


Where there is no clear distinction between the two: we simply call it Science Fiction Fantasy - and we love this kind of story as much as our readers do.

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Future Science Today

Section Feature - Epic Fail

This book, by Thomas E. Christopher, explores the history of science from the ancient times to modern times with insights into what has caused the rise of anti-science.

E-Book Edition: Epic Fail


Epic Fail elucidates solutions that resolve the issues of anti-science in the world today.

Epic Fail

Creative Writing

Fiction is a popular genre because it enables the reader to identify with settings that could easily transpire in their daily lives. Such is the demand for connectivity in the psyche.

The industry has, since the times of Homer, introduced a split in the way titles are presented:

Poetry - which inspire enthusiasts to elevate the soul.

Prose - which establishes a story of engaging complexity.

The Illiad, by Homer for example, is considered poetry - but Homer would not have been aware his work would, later, be considered poetry. His style was poetic in nature and his novel reflected this.

Today, writers are encouraged - by competent publishers - to ensure their work is easy to read.

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Creative Writing

Section Feature - Snow Wonder 


The wonder of snow and, of course, nature in general.


E-Book Edition: Snow Wonder


Jessica also maintains a Creative Writing community on Facebook for aspiring authors to learn the skills required for enhanced storytelling and novel writing.

Spiritual Development


The culture we live in today is one of seeking to effect tolerance toward the various religions: even when people, who claim to understand scripture, perform unimaginable crimes. Small wonder then, people who, seek peace of mind and true love, will turn to philosophy or science (or both) - when they feel disillusioned by doctrines within religion.






Many of the world religions share the same themes - such as, 'love one another,' or, 'do unto others as you would have others do unto you,' but doubters cast a weary eye on the wisdom available in ancient writing - because people often attribute the problems they see, in the world, to religion.


The problem is not religion but, rather, false doctrines that establish a delusional belief system.

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Spiritual Development

Section Feature - Kingdom of Truth 


Kingdom of Tuth, by Abigrael Halo-Hymn, is an introduction to the way God has revealed himself to mankind and the means by which He has decreed the advancement of man in His image.


E-Book Edition: Kingdom of Truth (Free Download)


Abigrael maintains the Facebook page  Spiritual Development